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Question: the answer above is not corect 2 points how much...

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The answer above is NOT corect 2 points) How much work is required to lift a 800-kg satellite to an altitude of 3 10 m above the surface of the Earth? The gravitational force is F = GM m r2, where is the mass of the Earth, m is the mass of the satelite, and r is the distance between the satellite and the Earths center The radius of the Earth is 64. 106 m, its mass is 6 1024 kg, and in these units the gravitational constant, G, is 6.67 10-11 include units; for this problem assume all given constants are accurate to many significant figures) Preview My Answers Submit Answers Your score was recorded.Your score was successfully sent to the LMS You have attempted this problem 4 times You received a score of 0% for this attempt. Your overall recorded score is 096. You have 6 attempts remaining
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