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Question: the answer for b 0159 c 0849 d 200g ...

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The answer for b) 0.159 c) 0.849
d) 200g +- 26.8g
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53. A manufacturer of cereal finds that the masses of cereal in the companys 200-g packages are normally distributed with a mean of 200 g and a standard deviation of 16.3 g. a) What proportion of these boxes contain between 183.7 g and 216.3 g of cereal? selected at random contains more than 216.3 g of cereal? would you expect to contain between 178 g and 225 g of cereal? b) What is the probability that a box c) How many of a shipment of 120 boxes d) Determine the range of masses that, you would expect 90% of these boxes of cereal to contain.
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