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  3. the answer is c 75 lbf please show why ...

Question: the answer is c 75 lbf please show why ...

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The answer is C (75 lbf) please show why. :)
lbf 19.(6 points) The 6061-T6 aluminum beam shown experiences a load due to its sefweight(1,00548. bi) and a forceF at ts end. Given the dimensions of the beam, the maximum force F that can be appled to the beams end prior to permanent deformation due to flexural stress is closest to A 66 В 70 C 75 D 79 E 84 F 89 G 93 H 98 T 102 107 Choices - lbf lbf wo = 1.00548-_ t=0.45-in w=19.in L=2.8-ft Notes - neglect shear force falure the drawing may not be to scale
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