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Question: the answers should be anything around 5 minutes and 250...

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Exit flow #4.) An accident at a nuclear power plant causes the main valves to close and stop the main water flow that cools the reactor. The control rods shut-down the primary chain-reaction in the 6000 MW reactor, but radioactive decay continues to release a constant 200 MW of heat transfer from the fuel rods in the core. The internal pressure quickly rises to the safety limit of 200 bar and saturated steam vapor (at 200 bar) begins to vent out of the pressure relief valve. The relief flow is sufficient to keep the pressure constant as long as the reactor core remains completely flooded with saturated liquid. The liquid reserve volume above the core Sat. vap Sat. liq is 180 m3. Neglect external heat transfer and changes in kinetic and potential energy Core a) b) c) Find the mass flowrate of saturated steam vapor out of the relief valve- Carefully sketch the mass flowrate and liquid reserve volume vs. time Find the elapsed time from when the relief valve first opens to the point when the water level drops below the top of the core- eactor Vessel seconds d) Repeat Part c) for the worst case that the control rods fail to shut down the reactor, so that the core heat release remains 6000 MWW This is a transient event (not SSSF since there is no mass flow in), but does not require time integration or tabulation at each second since the heat transfer rate, and internal state p & T remain constant.

The answers should be anything around 5 minutes and 250 kg/s

a, b, c, and d are not questions. they are only steps to complete the problem properly

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