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Question: the basic mix is 123 by volume the dry ingredients...

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The basic mix is 1:2:3 by volume. The dry ingredients are 1 part cement, 2 parts sand, and 3 parts gravel. Water is then added to make a workable mix. 1 part cement 2 parts sand 3 parts gravel Write these ratios: 1. Write the ratio of cement to sand. : 2 2:3 2. Write the ratio of sand to gravel. 3. Write the ratio of gravel to cement. 4. How many parts are there in all? 5. Write the ratio of cement to all dry ingredients. 6. If a bucket of cement is used, how much sand should be used? Lo 5 How much gravel? 7. If 10 gallons of cement are used, how much concrete will be in the whole batch? 8. If 6 shovels of gravel go into the cement mixer, how much sand and cement should be 9. Half of the concrete mix is made up of one ingredient. What is it? 10. A worker makes a mix as follows: 8 shovels of sand, 4 shovels of cement, and 4 shovels of gravel. Is this a correct mix? If not, what can now be done to make it correct? 11. The cost of each ingredient is: Cement: $5.35/cu. ft. Sand: $1.02/cu. ft. Gravel: $.50/cu. ft. What is the cost of materials for making 30 cubic feet of concrete? (Hint: First calculate the cubic feet of each ingredient needed, starting with the gravel which makes up half of the 30 cubic feet.) (The answer is not $206.10)
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