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The beam is supported by a pin at B and a roller at C and is subjected to the loading shown with w - 180 lb/ft, and F- 350 lb a.) If M - 4,100 ft-lb, determine the support reactions at B and C. Report your answers in both Cartesian components b.) Determine the largest magnitude of the applied couple M for which the beam is still properly supported in equilibrium with the pin and roller as shown 2013 Michael Swanbom BY NC SA Values for dimensions on the figure are given in the following table. Note the figure may not be to scale Variable Value a 3.2 ft b 5 ft c 3.4 ft a.) The reaction at B is B - Previewi + Preview jlb The reaction at Cis C- Preview i + Preview ] b.) The largest couple that can be applied is M Preview ft-lb

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