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Question: the book used is fundamentals of chemical engineering thermodynamics...

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The book used is “ Fundamentals of chemical engineering thermodynamics “ the 1st edition.
I’m having difficulty in both of problem 1 and 2 .

Problem 1 One mole of ideal gas is confined in a piston-cylinder device, which is 1 foot in diameter. The piston can be assumed weightless and frictionless. The internal and external pressures are both initially 1 atm. An additional weight of 10 lb is placed on top of the n, and the piston drops until the gas pressure balances the force pushing the piston downward. The temperature of the gas is maintained at a con- stant temperature of 80°F throughout the process A. What is the final pressure of the gas? B. What is the final volume of the gas? C. How much work was done on the gas during the process? Problem 2 Liquid water enters a steady state heat exchanger at P = 10 bar and T = 80°C, and exits as saturated water vapor at P 10 bar A. Using the steam tables, find the change in specific enthalpy for this process. B. Using the approximation that C, = 4.19 J/g. K for liquid water, find the change in enthalpy when liquid water is heated from 80°C to its boil ing point at P- 10 bar. C. How do the answers to parts A and B compare to each other? What is the reason for the difference between them?
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