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the chemical energy is known as 127 Cells capture most glucose and other nutrients during a process calledn26 alular respiration, bon (i.e. harvest) the energy stored in glucose molecule during known as of energy store in For cell to harness , bonds s called 128 129 have to be broken. cellular respirat The field of biology that studies diversity of organism is known as subspecialty of systematics that is involved in naming and clas known as131 130 ems sifying organis iS 132is all the genes found in members of a population of the same species that share a common ancestry In science, scientists use two type of systematic thought known as 133 and 134A factor that researchers must avoid in their research studies is known as 136 Generally,137 is the last parts of every scientific studies after scientists have gather experimental data, and interpret the results. A system of ideas intended to explain things that have already been substantiated by data is known as A field of biology that build on information provided by the reductionist approach (e.g. studies involve only cells from one part of the brain) is known as 139In general, many biological reaction and activities that occur in living organisms are regulated by two mechanisms known as140 and A testable statement in science is called 135 One important mechanisms PRACTICE QUESTIONS CHAPTER 2 At the atomic level or the element level, the evidence that shows a strong support for evolution that all organisms originated from a common ancestor is the1_share among all organisms on Earth. In general, elements packed together to occupy a space and has a mass is called 2and therefore cells or organisms that occupy a space and has a mass is also a3 An example of inorganic compound is 4 A carbon-containing compounds that are general large are known as .Substance that cannot be broken-down by a chemical reaction is known as 5 6 Each element are denoted with a symbol known as7 , and an example of the symbol for oxygen is 8 The number of known natural occurring elements is 92 -. Ninety- organisms (i.e. are living matters) contain the following elements, such as10 six percent (ie 96%) of the mass of most 12-, and ㅡ_13__. Other elements, approximately 4%, that 15 1 1 are found in small quantities are and 18Other element that are require by organisms in minute quantities 14 16 19 and 20 and these minute quantity elements are called 21 In human, element iodine is for essential ingredient for the thyroid glands in the production of hormone known as 22_;and deficiency of this hormone
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