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Question: the code that i have posted is my matlab code...

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The code that I have posted is my MATLAB code that does NOT use partial pivoting. The questions is can you modify THIS code to use partial pivoting! Please use my code and add on/edit! Thank you!
function x = myGaussJordan(A, b) % Start of function 5 C = [A, b1% Augmented form 7 % A is the left side of the matrix (system of equations) % b is the right side of the matrix (solutions) [n,p] = size (c) %size of the matrix 2 for k=1:n; % Loop over all rows E(k,k:p) C(k,k:p)/C(k,k); % Divide row #1 by pivot = for i = 1:n % To generate the θ in all rows besides the pivot row if İ ~=k % This is telling the scipt to continue in the case of i not equalling k end % end of if loop end % end of second loop end % end of first loop x = C( :, n+1:p) % Solution to the system, in Augumented Form end % end of funciton
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