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The Columbia Generating Station in Richland is the only nuclear power plant in the state, generating up to 1207 MW of power. An aspiring engineer notices that this is also located in one of the sunnier parts of the state, receiving approximately 200 W/m2 on average. This sunlight may be concentrated using a series of mirrors onto a boiler atop a tower, providing the heat for a vapor power cycle. Assume that the solar plant uses a liquid salt to store this energy, which permits a peak system temperature of 516°C. The designers consider using the nearby Columbia River as a reservoir, which is typically at a temperature of 14°C. Because of system losses, you assume that the plant efficiency is one-half of the Carnot efficiency. a. What is the minimum heat input, Qmin in MW), that would be required in b. What surface area, A (in km2), would be needed for the mirrors to capture c. Comment on the physical scale of this power plant. Specifically, you d. The Columbia flows at approximately 10000 m3/s. Assuming the heat order for this solar plant to replace the nuclear power plant? this much energy? should compare to the size of Richland itself rejection is entirely to the river, what is the average water temperature rise, AT? (Reminder: The specific heat of water, c, is 4.2 kJ/(kgK).)

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