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The company I chose for this discussion is Gatorade. It is something I have been drinking since I began playing sports which was when I was about 10 years old. As a child and now I always thought it tasted good, so I continued to drink it. The target market of Gatorade is definably athletes and teenagers. I think they make this appealing to athletes since it is considered a sports drink and they use a lot of famous athletes to show off their product. Their logo is also seen in a lot of professional sports arenas as well as high schools and colleges. I think the company does well with their identification. It is clear that they are a sports drink and they advertise themselves as so. In addition, Gatorade is seen for sale in a lot of high schools and colleges in vending machines and cafeterias to appeal to teenagers. The company also makes younger athletes feel important if they drink Gatorade just like the professional athletes do. The company is pretty successful as it so I am not sure what else they could change about themselves. However, when I get really sick, I am told to drink a lot of Gatorade to stay hydrated so maybe they could do something with that. .

What other methods could the Gatorade use to identify targets then what is listed in the above post?

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