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The consulting firm you have worked for over the last year is having some financial troubles. The large contracts it once had are slowly going away, a your company struggles to make payroll, it is clear that layoffs must occur. The sales staff has not been meeting the sales goals set for them, resultin incorrect budgets. It has been decided that at least three people in the sales department should be laid off. You create a spreadsheet with pertinent sales employee dat ears with the Last overall rating on performance evaluation (1-5 scale, 5 being highest) Name itle Last years sales goal r ompany N/A as her position is managerial Deb Waters ales Manager ccount Manager ccount Manager ccount oolmeyer Maager ccount Manager Account Manager ccount Manager Account Manager eff Spirits Yes, 196 over lando Yes, 1 096 over goal No. 296 under goal Yes, I 596 over goal No, 20% under goal Yes, 5% over goal No, 10% under goal an ake udre Barnes Kelly Andrews ir Saied infrey Jones 1. Making reasonable assumptions, develop criteria for the layoffs in the sales department. 2. Develop a plan as to how layoffs will be communicated with the individual as well as within the company 3. Discuss strategies to motivate those sales employees who stay with the organization Submission Method: Attach and submit a Microsoft Word document below Due Date: Saturday of Week 3 at 11:59PM Grading: 50 points

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