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The cylinder actuator has a load of 10000 kg mass on a vertical direction as seen in the diagram. We would ike to control the load in lifting up and down directions in 2500 mm stroke distance. For this purpose we use throttle valves in each direction. The cylinder is fixed on pston side and guided at the rod direction (K-0.7). The rod material has yield stress 650 MPa and safety factor 3.5 During the lifting up, the manometer P2 measures 10 bar due to restriction The all throttle valves has Q (/min)-k AP(bar), characteristics where k constant is equal to k-2 (V(barmin)) Q1 i) Please find the minimum rod diameter of the cylinder. Ignore pressure losses. (10 points) Q1 İİ) Please find the minimum piston diameter. Ignore pressure losses (10 points) Q1 iii) Please calculate the lifting time from the back position of the cylinder to the end of the stroke P3 P4 P1 P2 (10 points) QI iv) Please calculate the passed flow rate during the lifting operation (10 points) Q1 v) Please calculate the lowering pressure at P1 the flow from the rod side is with constant speed. (10 points) Q1 vi) Please calculate the flow wasted through the relief valve during the lowering if the flow rate is 60 Umin. (10 points) The system pressure is 150 bar, the tank pressure is 0.5 bar The selectable rod diameters are 15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50.55,60,65,70.75,80 The selectable piston diameters are 70,75,80,85,90,95,100,105,110,115,120,125,130
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