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The Design Problem power like the one fi 1200 and 200 respectively. besign the gear syst design a helical gear train capable of transmitting 80 kW needed oe shown in figure. The rpm of the motor and machine are Enlarged view of motor base and frame 6mm thi Motor C Iron bas 120 mm 160 mm Holes for 4 bolts 80 mm Motor 40 mm 80 mm 80 mm mm thi Machine 160 mm Steel fra 40 mm otor frame All gears are Helical Figure 2: Bolts and joining parts configurati Figure I: Gear System Parts to be designed in the gear system 1. Helical Gears (Gear E,C, D, and E) 2. Bolts hold the Motor (according to Figure 2) 3. W elds at support A and B for static and (if) dynamic loading 4. Counter shaft AB for static and dynamic loading 5. Bearings at AB
Hints: 1 Draw the free body dia - Solve the model to find the reaction forces in each part gram 2 Design each part of the model based on the static load that you have 4 Make a good suggestion for the dynamic loads that the model could have and then solve the problem based on fatigue analysis. 5, Suggest or select a reasonable type of connection between parts 6. Draw the model 7. make any assumptions you think it is reasonable. Report:
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