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Question: the doubleenbry accounting system prablem 331a feef errors ow the...

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The Double-Enbry Accounting System Prablem 3-31A feef errors ow the rial belance The following trial balance was praparod from the lodgor accounts of Ricardo Company CHECK FIGURE RICARDO COMPANY Tsal Balance Account Te 3.800 1 12,000 ent Expense 600 Whon the trial halanoe failod to halancs, the accoustan reviqwod the rocords and dispovened the llowing erron L. The company reched 3300 as payment Sor services remdered. The crodit to Service Rever eas oded coerectly bet the dehit Cash was recorded an 5660 A A 5600 parchase of sapplies on ccoenil was properly recend as ebi to the Supplies ccount Howeves, the aedi to Accounts Payable was not naconded Land vale at $12.000was nibeted se the business in enchanpe Sor common sock The the transaction ock accou the Land acp was rocorded as a A 3500 rent payment was pooperly rocorded as a credit so Cash. Howover, the Salarics Expnse acpount was inconectly dehited Sor 5.500 Based on this information prepane a consocted trial halance for Riarde Conpany Problem 3-32A Comprcheesive problem: single cyele LO 3-1, 3-2,3-3, 3 The following tramactioss pertain to Smith Training Company for 5016 Fb 1 Paid reet for office space Sor two years 534,000 cash Apr. t0 Parchased 53,300 of supplies on accoun Jaly Roocined $34,00 cash in advance for services to be povided over the nest ya Spt 15 Completed a job and noccived 5800 cash for services rendrod Roceined $15,000 cash fo accounts seccivablic Nox. 16 Bd cuomers 542,000 for servies nendared on account Dx. 1 Paid a dividend of 515,000 cash to the stockholds Adjustod roconds to rocognine the services prowided on the contract of uy1 1 Rocorded 51,600 of accrand salarics as of Doccreber 3 Rooorded the ent espense for the ycar (Sce icbruary 1 Physically coued wapplie: 5280 was on hand at the end of the period
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