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The endpoint mover Manipulating objects already on the graph Some graphs will allow you to manipulate the endpoints of given lines or curves. When you select an endpoint mover line, the endpoints will appear empty white points that can be selected and moved to one of three prespecified snap points (including the original position). How do I know whether a line on a graph is movable? All endpoint mover objects will be accompanied by a greyed-out, labeled symbol on the palette, like the one shown on the following graph. As with other graphical objects that appear greyed out on the palette, this signifies an object on the graph that you can manipulate. 9. tool Experiment with manipulating the shape of the line given on the following graph by selecting and dragging each endpoint.A sample problem using the endpoint mover Imagine the line on the following graph represents the original plan for a slide being built as part of a new playground. Suppose the architect realizes that the space for the playground is smaller than previously thought, and thus the slide must have a smaller baseline. To ensure it is not too steep, the height must be decreased as well. Adjust the position of the line so that the new plans for the slide reflect the architects concern 30 T 25 20 15 10 Slide 10 15 20 BASELINE (Feet)Will the endpoint mover always appear as a straight line? The endpoint mover tool can also be used with a curved line. Suppose the curve on the following graph represents the side view of a hill. Over time, rain erodes the soil from the top part of the hill and causes it to expand outward at the base while decreasing the height. Adjust the position of the curve to reflect the change in the hill shape due to the erosion. 30 25 20 15 10 5 10 520 250 BASELINE (Feet True or False: When using the endpoint mover, you will receive credit only if both endpoints are positioned correctly. O True O False

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