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Question: the final answers for q 212 is 284 lb and...

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2.11 In a multiple-story building, a water column has formed on the top side 7 of a dry-pipe sprinkler valve having a 6:1 air seat to water seat ratio. If the column of water is 42 feet (12.8 m) high, and the city water pressure is 60 psi (4.1 bar), will the dry valve be able to open when the air pressure is evacuated from the system?
In Figure 2.16, the weight of the upper piston (W,) is 85 pounds (39 koj and has a surface area of 113 in2 (729 cm). The weight (W2) of the lower piston is 14 pounds (6 kg) and has a surface area of 12.6 in2 (81 cm-). If the liquid in the hydraulic system is an oil with a specific gravity of 0.90 what force (F) will be required to attain a state of equilibrium? 2.12 Figure 2.16 Illustration for Exercise 2.12. 12 inches (30 cm) 2
Figure 2.l7 Pump 55 feet (17 m) 105 feet (32 m)
2.20 In Figure 2.17, if Point C is at ground level, calculate the total potential energy in feet (meters) of water existing at all four gauge locations.
The final answers for Q: (2.12) is 28.4 lb and (2.20) is 375ft
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