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Question: the following account balances are provided for green goblin corporation...

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The following account balances are provided for Green Goblin Corporation at December 31, 2018: Balance Title $ 65,000 90,000 154,000 Accounts payable Accounts receivable Bank loan due June 1, 2020 45,000 12,000 16,000 200,000 318,750 1200 450 Cash Commissions payablo Salaries and wages payable Common stock (no par) Equipment (net) Interest payable Interest receivable 33,000 28,000 71,700 25,000 32,000 Investments Prepaid expenses Retained earnings Supplies Uncarned revenue All January 2019 transactions follow: 1. Provided services on account for a total of $375,000. 2. Provided services worth $23,000 paid for in prior months. 3. Used $14,000 in supplies. 4. Sold equipment with book value of $23,000 for $19.000 cash. 5. Paid accounts payable of $51,500. 6. Collected $346,000 on customer accounts. 7. Issued common stock for $125,000. 8. Purchased a vehicle worth $50,000 in exchange for a note payable due on March 1, 2020 9. Paid $195,000 in salaries, including S16,000 owed from the month of December 2018. 10. Paid $83,000 in commissions including those owed at December 31. 11. Collected $18,500 for services to be provided in March. 12. Received a $2,500 bill for December utilities. 13. Paid $2,250 for January and February radio advertisements. 14. Received an interest payment of $900 including the interest accrued at 12/31/2018 15. Paid $12,000 for January rent. 16. Paid income tax expense of $28,706.
Required: Record journal entries for the January 2019 transactions. Prepare T-accounts for each of the accounts provided. Enter beginning balances. Record each of the January transactions in the T-accounts and calculate ending balance for each account. Create new accounts as necessary. Prepare a statement of income for the month of January in good form. a. b. c.
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