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Question: the following data flow diagram dfd does not follow some...

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The following data flow diagram (DFD) does not follow some of the DFD rules. dentify those problems. You ONLY need to find the problems. For each, explain in one sentence what the problem is. Do not propose any suggestion to correct them All texts and the requirements are correct. You need to find out if there are any violations of DFD rules in the diagram. The Processes, External Entities, and Data Files are numbered such as (P1..P6), (D1. D4), (E1..E4) respectively. Use these numbers to refer to them in your answer. You do not need to write the whole titias c the processes, data files, and external entities. D4: Item database D3: Inventory database D1 Login File update database accept /reject item code. quantity item information P1: Check Login Vinventory info P3: Update inventory P2: Process item sell login data item code E2: Cashier day/weekP& Manage daily/wee kly finance payment payment receipt D DZ: Payment atabase El: Customer item info payment information item, receipt P5: Make report for all managers receipt E3: RefundoiP4: Process refund Ma nager repo report E4 Shop Manager
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