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The following is adapted from Financial Management for Executives (2nd ed.): Presented below is a list of financial statement accounts. Using the letter A for assets, L for liabilities, SE for shareholders’ equity, R for revenue, E for expenses, and N/A for not applicable, identify (a) whether the listed accounts appear on the balance sheet (B/S) or the income statement (I/S), and if so, (b) the nature of the account (i.e., A, L, SE, R, E, or N/A).
Cash flow for operating activities
Cost of goods sold
Marketable securities
Accounts receivable
Retained earnings
Income tax expense
Depreciation expense
Common stock
Accounts payable
Dividends paid
Miscellaneous revenue
Office supplies
Salaries payable
Purchase) sale of land Net cash provided by investing activities. 11,000 (102.000) Cash flow from financing activities Issue34 Chapter IA continued from previous page December 31, 2014 Balance Sheet at Cument Sbildes Accounts payable Wages payable IChapter 1 1 An Introduction to Financial Statements 35 continued from previous page Staternent Of Cash Flows for the Year EndCompute the missing amounts from the financial statements on pages 33-35 of your textbook. You may assume that accounts receivable relate only to credit sales and that accounts payable relate only to credit purchases of inventory. There were no sales of property and equipment during 2015 and any purchases of property and equipment were made using cash.

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