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Question: the following table reports the sales and expenses for bapcor...

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The following table reports the sales and expenses for Bapcor, an ASX listed company for the period 2015 -2019.

Bapcor Limited is an Australian trade company focusing on the distribution of automotive aftermarket parts. It supplies replacement parts and consumables used in the service and repair of vehicles (e.g. filters, brake pads, oil, spark plugs etc.). It also includes the sale of accessories and maintenance products to vehicle owners. Its key markets include ‘Trade’ which supply mechanic workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand. ‘Retail and Service’ include the retail outlets Autobarn, Autopro, Sprint and Opposite Lock and ‘Specialist Wholesale’. Recently they have acquired heavy commercial truck spare parts businesses Truckline and Diesel Drive


Item 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Operating revenue 375,317,000  685,629,000  1,013,553,000 1,236,681,000 1,296,582,000
Cost of Goods sold 219,886,000  382,679,000 552,683,000 667,290,000  688,811,000
gross profit 155,431,000  302,950,000 460,870,000  569,391,000 607,771,000
operating expenses 108,110,000  225,154,000  349,704,000  422,155,000 444,333,000
EBITDA 47,321,000 77,796,000  111,166,000 147,236,000 163,438,000
sales and marketing expenses  1,962,000  17,324,000 23,773,000 23,766,000  27,599,000


Based on the data in the DATA FILE  answer the following questions

1.      Calculate the following five marketing ratios for the  2019 period only.

a.      Return on Sales and Marketing investment

b.      Sales and Marketing expense to Revenue

c.      Gross Margin

d.       What is the total percentage revenue change for the period 2019 – 2018?



e.      Explain how you would go about graphing the revenue and expense data. Provide details of the graph type and why you choose that type of graph.


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