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4) The function of myoglobin is to A) carry oxygen in the muscle. B carry vitamins in the blood. carry oxygen in the blood. D) support the skeletal muscles. provide strength in cartilage. 35 In sickle-cell anemia, the hemoglobin molecules A) undergo crenation. B) enlarge to twice normal size. D) dissolve in the plasma. E) come apart into separate chains. 36) Denaturation of a protein A) can only occur in a protein with quaternary structure. B is always irreversible Q hydrolyzes peptide bonds. D) disrupts the secondary, tertiary, or quaternary structure of a protein. changes the primary structure of a protein. 37 One heavy metal that can cause denaturation of a protein is A) barium. calcium. B) sodium D) silver. 38) An acid can denature a protein by A) removing helping molecules such as heme agitating the protein chains. E disrupting hydrophobic interactions within a protein chain E) iron 34) 35) 36) 37) 38)
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