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Question: the greek root ecto means quotouter quot why are ectomycorthizal...

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the Greek root ecto means outer. Why are ectomycorthizal fungi, or A) They transfer nutrogen from outside their plant hosts to the B) Their hyphae form dense mats that envelop roots but do no or EMF, apdy namedh interior penetrate the walls of cells inside the root They are mutualistic D) Their hyphae form treelike, branching structures inside plant cell w. 61) Which part of the Basidiomycete and Ascomycete life cycles is most analogous to the human eggs and sperm in that it disperses new genetic information and is capable another individual? 61) of fusing with cells from A) cell where karyogamy occurs where plasmogamy occursB) baploid spores (single cells) D) cell where meiosis occurs 62) Viruses are described as not being alive, because: A) They require a host cell to make more copies of themselves. B) They contain nucleic acids. C) They cannot metabolize carbon compounds. D) They do not generate their own ATP 63) The waxy layer secreted by the epidermis is called A) the stoma B) the sterol C) the cuticle D) the dermis 64) What four basic tissue types are found in plants? 64) A) structural photosynthetic, storage, and protective (defensive) B) vascular cambium, cork cambium, apical meristemçand lateral bud meristem C) parenchyma, collenchyma, sclerenchyma, and epidermis D) ground, vascular, meristematic, and dermal 65) Single-celled aquatic animals rely solely on diffusion across the cell membrane for gas exchange 65) and nutrient absorption. If all of the following have the same length, which shape would have the most trouble exchanging enough materials across its membrane? B) round C) spiral D) domut E) square 66) Which of the following statements comparing endotherns and ectotherms is false? A) Ectotherms can use more of their energy intake for reproduction than endotherms. B) Both endotherms and ectotherms have high mass-specific metabolic rates C) Both endotherms and ectotherms exchange heat with the environment through convection conduction, radiation, and evaporation. D) Mitochondrial density and enzyme activity are 3-4 times higher in the cells of endotherms than in the cells of ectotherms of similar size. 67) Which term best describes an animal that, although generating heat through metabolism 67) nonetheless does not maintain a constant body temperature? A) homeothermic endotherm C) heterothermic endotherm B) homeothermic ectotherm D) heterothermic ectotherm 68) The flaments that make up the multicellular fungi are called 68) A) yeasts B) hyphae C) gametes D) septa A-9
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