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Question: the human dna probe l9 recognizes an rflp locus as...

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The human DNA probe L9 recognizes an RFLP locus as indicated below. This locus which has two alleles (a1 and a2) shows linkage with a locus affecting disease R (allele Rd causes the disease and is fully recessive to the wild-type allele, R+)

EcoRI EcoR I L9 4 Kbp EcoRI 10 Kbp 6 Kbp EcoRI EcoRI L9 probe a allele a allele

a) Different Southern blots of EcoR I digests of DNA from three individuals, a1a1, a2a2, and a1a2 were prepared. Show the expected autoradiographic pattern of each of the individual’s blots when probed with the 32P labelled L9 DNA

b) Linkage studies between the L9 locus and the R locus show a distance of 7 cM. The following cross is made:

a1 R+                a2Rd


a1 R+                a1R+

i)What is the probability of having an a1a1R+Rd child?

ii) If an offspring of a1a2 genotype is born, what is the probability of it also being a carrier of the disease allele?

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