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The Main Python Script Our main.py script will contain all the main logic for our program. It will allow us to: • Enter a user number via an Entry field by using the keyboard, • Enter a PIN number via an Entry widget (we can use the keyboard OR a series of buttons to enter the PIN), • Once we are logged in we must be able to: o See the balance of the user, o Deposit money for the user, o Add entries to represent spending of funds from our user (only up to the amount we have available), o Display a plot of spending o Log out of our user. Every time a successful deposit or entry is made then a new transaction should be added to the user's transaction list. When we log out then the user file is overwritten with the new user details including our new balance and any transactions if any have been made. The format of the user text file is as follows (each value on separate lines): user_number user_pin balance 123456 7890 800.00 0.33 After these first four lines we may have a number of transactions, each of which is specified as two lines. A deposit is indicated by the word Deposit on one line and then the amount on the next like. For example a deposit of $500 would look like this: Deposit 500.00 Similarly, a entry is also specified as two lines – first the word being the type of entry and then on the next line the amount, for example entries representing rent of $200 and bills of $250 would look like this: Rent 200.00 Bills 250.00 You are provided with an example user file called 12345678.txt – this file along with others will be used to mark your assessment, so you should make sure that your final submission can use users in this format successfully. You are also provided with a video demonstration of the completed assignment along with this document. Your application should match this user interface and function in the same way

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