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The market entry proposal starts with a PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental) analysis. Your team must identify the country, multinational company, and the product or service you want to bring to market. The analysis for the proposal must have the following elements:
1. 1. Economic and business environment analysis: (Module 1)
* a. Demographics: Population, growth rate, distribution of population (age groups), rural vs. urban, cities vs. villages
* b. Per capita income levels, wealth distribution
* c. Major exports and trading partners
* d. Business environment: Government attitude to foreign investment and trends, ease of doing business, trade regulations
* e. Inflation levels, currency exchange rate; risks of devaluation versus the dollar
* f. Education and literacy levels, availability of skilled labor, labor costs
* g. Membership in regional economic and trading blocks
* h. Evaluate ethical issues within the economic and business environment
* i.
* 2. Political, Legal and Regulatory environment analysis: (Module 2)
* a. Political system and structure
* b. Legal system: International Law – common vs. code law
* c. Stability of government
* d. Future political risks, if any
* e. Bribery and corruption risk/index
* f. Intellectual property rights, enforcement of contracts
* g. Evaluate ethical issues within the political, legal regulatory environment

* 3. The Social (cultural) & Environment analysis (Module 2)
Social understanding and competency is critical to the marketing and distribution of your product in a new market country. This section includes the Social and Environmental understanding of the Country.
* a. Location of the Country and the locations influence on trade.
* b. Weather, climate change, etc.
* c. Define the culture within the country
* • Major religions, ethnic makeup and languages
* • Major differences in beliefs, values, customs and behaviors
* • Role of the family
* • Unique aspects of written, oral and non-¬‐verbal communications
* • Technological views, current use and capabilities
* • Major sports, recreation
* d. Describe the country’s culture using Hofstede’s model of national cultural dimensions and project GLOBE. Web link for your country analysis https://geert-hofstede.com/countries.html
* e. Cross-cultural complications and sensitivities – identify potential cross-cultural issues and potential solutions to these complications.
* f. Cultural view of online purchases and payment. The use of credit cards for payment.

* 4. Technologic Capabilities and Digital Marketing Communication Capabilities
* a. Technological views, current use and capabilities
* b. What is the level of computer/mobile access and ownership?
* c. What is the level or development of the web/internet infrastructure in the country?
* d. What is the availability and pricing for internet?
* e. What forms of digital marketing are currently used in the country?
* f. Do they use social media marketing? How much? How often?
* g. What is the web speed and are there unexpected power failures?

* 5. Bibliography/References and Organization:
* Please give citations and references

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