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The Museum isg. Which of the CASE STUDIES
150 CASE STUDIES Project Cost Monage Thus, payments (ensh inflows) would frequently be made long after project compietion and were the root cause of the cash starvation the company was LEARNING The final step in xin was complete. Implem in-depth knowledge the team would have n with the actuai co be gained from a boo to hire a techaical ex engineers until they coworkings of the tv the execution strateg on its way to being c TRAINING a order to address and fix the Museum Companys cash inflow issue, Oleg had sone hard wock ahead of him. Fist, he had to identify his most senio experienced 15 project managers who would help him turn the company around Once this team was identified he had to hire an experienced project management (PMO training company, which would set up a customized training program for and his project managers to heip them soive the cash flow problem. The company he hired belped him set up a four-day training thot he and his core teom The training consisted of four modules and would heip the compa- nys leaders identifylsolve the cash inflow problem. The training would cover the him would attend. following areas of project management Discussion item How would each contribute to the 2In your opinion, Scope-During the first day of training the core team would identify a stan dard scope template to apply to ench project.This would aflow them to define what each projest is supposed to accomplish and identify what the end result of esch project should be. Furthermore, they would identify activities that would enable them to achieve the predetermined end result and the appropri- ate deliverables to accompany the projeet activities Time-The second day would be spent puting together a standard Gant chart that the compary would use for all its future projects. The chart would help idencify start and finish dates of the core elements of each project as well as payment poins that would ensure positive cash fows during the duration of each project 3 Cost-The third day would allow the team to identify a standard cos esti- mate template to use for all upcoming projects. The cost estimates combined with cost contingencies and time- phased budgets would be used to establish cost baselines, which would ensure that alil phases of a project would be Inegration-The last day the team wouid integrate the scope, time, and cos modules to establish an execution strategy/plan for all future projects. This would include ideatifying ali changes the company would have to make in its daily operations in order to implement its new execution strategy: Daring the last hour of training, the team would apply its execution strat egy to its new and existing projects to see if the new approach would eliminate he cash ieflow problem. This exercise would test their ablility to work as a cohe sive leam as well as their ability to apply new knowledge to the problem and save their company.
TUDIES Project Cost Monagmet 151 LEARNING project any was ue, Oleg t senion around iagement gram for em. The ore tenm Compa- over the The inal step in fixing the Museum Compuny would take place after the training was complete.Implementing the exeution strategy would require all PMs to have n-depth knowledge of military exhibit design In addition to understanding design he team would have to understand how the architecture picce of esch project fit in with the actual constriction of each exhibit. Since this understanding could be gained from a book, but rather from on-the-job experience, Oleg would have to hire a technical expen who would provide advice to the PMs and the young engineers until they gained the necessary knowledge and understanding of the coworkings of the two disciplines. Once the technical expent was in place and the execution strategy was implemented, the Museum Company would finally be on its way to being cash-flow positive during each phase of its projects Discussion item How would each of the training areas (scope, time, cost, and integration contribute to the solution of the companys cash inflow problem y a stan to define 2In your opinion, what is the most chalilenging ares? Why nd result ities that appropni antt chart ould help s well as ration of cost esti- combined establish would be , and cost
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