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The object of each question is to invite you to produce your own best brief answer. Support your answer with a very brief quote from the author in question. Use quotation marks for the quote. Put the author's name and page number in parentheses. An example would be: “Modern industry has established the world market” (Marx. p. 2). When your answer is an argument but not a clear fact, use appropriate hedging language. An example would be: “Marx seems to be saying….”

9—In 1863, in the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln uses the word, “here,” 8 times. Why do you think he makes such a point of emphasizing this place, this battlefield? (see Gettysburg Address)

10—In Villarosa’s “The Hidden Toll,” (2018) Villarosa describes a specific moment in the hospital which we might understand as a microcosm of all of the difficulties black women face in America in bringing children into the world both with their health care providers and in their everyday lives. Explain. (see Villarosa, p. 12)

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