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The pH of a finished water from an excess lime softening process is 11.5. What volume of 0.04 N sulfuric acid, in milliliters, is required to neutralize 1 L of the 1. finished water? Assume the buffering capacity of the water is zero. a) What is the concentration of chlorine in mg/L of household bleach that contains 5.25 percent by weight of Cl2. Note the density of water is approximately 1,000 kg/m and specific gravity of Cl2 1.41 at 20 °c. 2. b) If you are to use this bleach solution to treat 1,000 L water for disinfection, what is the volume of the bleach solution should you use to obtain a target chlorine concentration 1 mg/L? 3. A sample of water (pH-7) contains the following constituents. Calculate hardness and alkalinity in milligrams CaCOs per liter. Atomic/molecular weight (g/mole) 40.1 55.9 24.3 23.0 35.5 61.0 60.0 Ion Concentration as ion (mg/L) 120.3 1.2 35.5 250 201.4 400.3 50.2 Ca2* Fe Nat Cl нсоз Co32 4. A water sample has a BODs of 60 mg/L. The initial DO in the BOD bottle is 8 mg/L and 50 mL of the sample is used in the BOD measurement. What is the final DO in the BOD bottle? 5. If a food processing facility dumped 15 gallons of milk everyday into a stream, what would be your discharge in lb BODs/day? Milk has a BODs of about 15,000 mg/L 6. Calculate the concentration of oxygen in mg/L required to completely oxidize the following organic compounds. Use 400 mg/L for the concentration of each compound. a. Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), CsHi20 b. Benzylmorphine, C24H2sNO Note: for this problem, use reaction products CO2, H2O, NH3 7. a) A water treatment plant has 5 settling tanks that operate in parallel (the flow gets split into six equal flow streams), and each tank has a volume of 500 m3. If the total flow to the plant is 10 MGD, what is the retention time in each of the settling tanks? b) If, instead, the tanks operated in series (the entire flow goes first through one tank, then the second, and so on), what would be the retention time in each tank?
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