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Question: the pipe hangar bracket shown in figure 2 has two...

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The pipe hangar bracket shown in figure 2 has two springs of stiffness k=60kN/m and three rods AB, CD which have a diameter of 5 mm and EF which has a diameter of 12 mm. All components are made of Carpenter custom 630 stainless steel(material specification will be given in figure 3). When the pipe is filled with fluid the entire pipe displaces downwards by 82 mm. Determine the combined weight of the pipe and fluid.

*** for this problem can you explain why the pipe, and plate have moments but the rods do not. And also could you try to explain why you do each step. I can solve for the stresses/strains but I struggle with getting the fbds. And also if you could explain in general (not for this problem) how to know where to make cuts on segments that would be extremely helpful

0.75 m 0.75 m 0.25 m 0.25 m Figure 2: Schematic of pipe hangar bracket.

Carpenter Custom 630 (17-Cr-4Ni) Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel, Annealed Material Notes: Data provided by Carpenter
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