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The portion of the HIV that binds to the helper-T cells (T cells) is: a) CD Tcells b) CD8 c) gp 41 d) p Is e) None of these 1) An HTV-positive person enters the crisis phase of infection: a) When the virus mutates b) When T4 (T-helper cells) cell counts go below 200 c) When the T4 cell count increases d) When lymphoid glands hypertrophy e) When CD8 cells start hypersensitivity 2) The longer healing of some tendon trauma is due to: a) A gas mediated suppression of thyroid gland b) Low blood supply at the point of tendon trauma c) Misalignment of collagen fiber bundles at the trauma site d) Injury of the supporting ligaments e) The longer time to replace the depleted enzymes near the trauma site. 3) Plaque formation usually ocçurs in a) Coronary veins b) Pulmonary veins of heavy smokers c) Endocardium of the heart d) Cerebral veins 4) e) None of these In blood, the cholesterol is transported by: a) Gamma globulins b) VIDI c) HDL d) LDL e) Triglyceride 5) 6) Inadequate supply of Vit.B12 causes: a) b) c) d) e) Aplastic anemia Cooleys anemia Sickle cell anemia Thalassemia None of these

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