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Question: the product is gas stove...

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GN49× 回Case Analysis #1.pdf X □ Case Analysis #1.pdf ×1 w Gas stove. Wikipedia Goog webdav/pid-1 1939284-dt-content-nd-18739363-1/courses/201 820,2431 5Case%20Analyss%20%23 1.pdf Task 121 14%1: Fill in the information (short paragraph for each topic) in the table below for your assigned product: (support your answer with any necessary photos) LOI : Phases in the life of a product [Weight: 296] Design Function: Form: Fabricate: Assembly: Distribute: Manufacture Setup: Operate: Maintain: Repair Take down: Disassemble: Recycle: Dispose: Use Retire se Analysis # 1.pdf e @曲頎 enoVO a Insert the product is : Gas stove GN 4/X1回Case Analysis #1.pdf X Case Analysis #1.pdf 이 W Gas stove. Wikipedia ×1Dy Go swebdav/pid-11939284-dt-content-rid-18739363-1/courses/201820,243 15/Case%20Analysis%20%231 pdf LO2: Mission statement of your assigned product weight: 2%) Product Description Benefit Proposition Primary Market Secondary Market Assumptions Stockholders sse Analysis #1.pdf e嚣@曲刚 enovO ax 2 InsertPr

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