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Question: the purpose of this paper is to describe the community...

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The purpose of this paper is to describe the community health nursing role of the home health nursing in the community setting of your choice. Health promotion nursing interventions and a professional nursing organization related to this role will also be examined.

The headings are as follow

1. Introduction: Well-composed introduction (for home health nursing) : The introduction should be interesting and capture the reader’s attention. Introduce the assigned community health nurse role and a community setting where this nurse may work. Introduce your community and where/how this CHN role is utilized in your community. Identify population(s) served by this role in your community. Include a purpose statement

2. Community Settings (for home health nursing): Describe the community setting in two to three paragraph. Include a description of a practice setting for the assigned CHN role and description of the population(s) served in this setting

3. Health Promotion Nursing Intervention (for home health nursing): Discuss the role of the assigned community health nurse role in health promotion (two to three paragraphs)

4. Discussion of peer review article (home health nursing): One peer reviewed journal article discussed that clearly relates to nursing health promotion intervention.

5. Professional Nursing Organization (home health nursing) : Describe a professional organization for this CHN role (two paragraphs)

6. Summary

7. Reference

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