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The question is a Pascal program. I have provided the question below, in a reversed form. To show the question in proper English, please copy and paste the question below into this website: https://www.browserling.com/tools/text-reverse Then, click the "reverse" button to show the full question in proper English. The reason for this is because of privacy. Also, your answer must be in the form of images/screenshots, not text. I will give a positive rating if this is complete. Please include comments in the program. Please make sure the program works before submitting a solution. Do not copy other answers from the internet or Zookal. I will check and give a negative rating if the answer is the same. Thank you.


.yarra eht fo htgnel eht ot gnirts a fo dne eht llif-knalB .ecno ta lla nettirw eb nac )yarra eritne eht( gnirts eritne na ,revewoH .yarra retcarahc eht otni deretne dna tupni eht morf emit a ta retcarahc eno daer eb ylno nac eulav gnirts A

;rahc FO ]21..1[ YARRA = dleiF


:elpmaxe roF

.lacsaP cissalc ni sa ,sretcarahc fo yarra na sa gnirts a tneserpeR .epyt gnirts ni-tliub eht esu ton oD ).D-lortnoc s′ti ,caM eht dna xuniL nO .rekram elif-fo-dne eht si Z-lortnoc ylno gniniatnoc enil a ,wodniw dnammoc swodniW a otni atad tupni gnipyt er′uoy fI( .ylevitcepser ,elif fo dne eht ta ro enil tnerruc eht fo dne eht ta si tupni dradnats eht rehtehw tset sretemarap tuohtiw foe dna nloe snoitcnuf naelooB

.enil tupni txen eht no gnitrats daer lliw daer ot llac txen eht nehT .enil tupni tnerruc eht fo tser eht piks lliw nldaer ot llac A

.tupni dradnats eht morf retcarahc txen eht daer lliw )hc(daer neht ,elbairav retcarahc a si hc fI

stnih tupni txeT

.”hctam on“ tnirp ,hctam on si ereht fI .eman tsal dna tsrif s’tnediserp taht tnirp dna tnediserp gnihctam eht rof yarra eht hcraes ,DI hcae rof nehT .yarra eht tnirp ,sdrocer fo yarra na ni meht gnirots dna stnediserp eht ni gnidaer retfA


888 666 321 794


pmurT dlanoD 939

amabO kcaraB 888

notnilC lliB 107

hsuB egroeG 866

nagaeR dlanoR 005

retraC ymmiJ 794

droF dlareG 603

noxiN drahciR 562

nosnhoJ nodnyL 271

ydenneK nhoJ 321

:atad tupnI

.tnediserp gnihctam eht dnif dna hcraes ,DI hcae roF .srebmun DI tsil a si ereht ,drocer ymmud eht gniwolloF .sdrocer 02 dloh ot hguone egral s’taht sdrocer fo yarra na ni sdrocer eht lla erotS .drocer lacsaP a ni eman tsal dna ,eman tsrif ,DI s’tnediserp hcae erots dna daeR .DI eht fo ecalp ni 1- sah taht drocer ymmud a yb dewollof si drocer tnediserp tsal ehT .era ereht sdrocer tnediserp ynam woh ecnavda ni wonk ton od uoY .DI yb detros ydaerla era sdrocer ehT .seman eht edisni sknalb on era erehT .seman tsrif dna tsal eht dna DI eht etarapes sknalb erom ro enO

.eman tsal s’tnediserp ehT

.eman tsrif s’tnediserp ehT

.DI tigid-3 s’tnediserp ehT

:sniatnoc drocer tnediserp hcaE .tnediserp .S.U rep eno ,senil txet fo mrof eht ni sdrocer sniatnoc elif tnediserp ehT

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