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Question: the reactions between bromine and antimony or aluminum in the...

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The Reactions Between Bromine and Antimony or Aluminum: In the hood, small pieces of aluminum foil and antimony will be added to bromine under standard conditions.  The bromine is in a flask with a narrow neck. Placing a 400 mL beaker having a 1M aqueous solution of sodium thiosulfate nearby when performing the reaction.

a) Provide balanced chemical reactions describing the behavior for each of the two reactions? Why is there no reaction occuring when Al foil ball first added to Br? - Why is the reaction faster when aluminum foil ball is torn to smaller pieces?

b) - What is the purpose of the aqueous solution of sodium thiosulfate? - If the sodium thiosulfate is added to the bromine, what would be the chemical reaction?

c) - Why is the bromine contained in a narrow-necked flask? - Are there any particular hazards associated with the use of solid aluminum and antimony? - Any special precautions taken when running the reaction?

d) If these reactions were to be repeated with chlorine instead of bromine, what behavior would you expect to see?

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