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Question: the report must be 1000 1500 words and presented...

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The report must be 1000 – 1500 words and presented professionally

You must accurately reference all of your external sources of information 

Task 1

For this task you must research each of the following topics, and complete a basic report on your findings. The research topics are:

  • Outline the environmental or sustainability legislation, regulations and codes of practice applicable to your chosen organisation, identify internal and external sources of information and explain how they can be used to plan and develop the organisation’s sustainability policy
  • Explain policy development processes and practices
  • Outline organisational systems and procedures that relate to sustainability
  • Outline typical barriers to implementing policies and procedures in an organisation and possible strategies to address them

Task 2

Go to internet and search 3 sustainability ideas in the workplace and explain

a.  Whether they can be incorporate in your workplace sustainability policy

b.  How they can be incorporate in your organization

c.  How they can be promote and inform expected outcome to key stakeholders


Answers to this task will vary however they should include a detailed description of each topic,.



Resource suggestions

http;I/www.printnet.eom.au/ pages/ our_industty/ envlronment_sub_pages/sgp_lead_page.html>

http;I/ www.derm.qld.gov.au/ envlronmental_managemenVsustainability/ ecoblz_queensland/ lndex.html>

http;l/ www.derm.qld.gov.au/ services_resources/ item_details.php?item _id=203298>



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