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Question: the satup of the cantilawrod beam sboan beloa which you...

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the sat-up of the cantilawrod beam sboan beloa which you modeled in Homeorlk , Probla 1, in ANSYS Workbaoch Modal the beam with a singl 2D bem lsment discumad in the aotes. Asama Noda 1 is atthelaft «ad and Noda 2 is at the right nd Te ingla la has a langth of 50 inchas. Af« boundary conditins are applied, theodal aill raduce to a2x2 globalmas aad stifbes matrix In this problem you are 20t solving within ASYswarkbanch work this out by hand. Note that the ara moment of inartia for the roctangularcro-ection is givea by 1- in)(4 in)-53333 n For the umple beam finite ๑lana at youre using in this problem. Poissons ratio, v, is not used. Steel cantilevered beam with an end load Youngs modulus, E-29E6 psi Poissons ratio, -0.30 Cross-Section: F-50 lb 60 in Tha boadary conditions re that the displacemant and slope equal zaro at the laft ndNod» 1. Afar applying thbodary conditions, the syst fimito alemant modal canbe wriman in tha standard sor: where: Lb fl Write the 2x2 mas matrix Maad tha 2x2 stifes atrix. [K].aftar borndary conditions are applied b) Use th. stifiness matrix,閬, and the load vector,仍. to detamine the displacement at the loaded God in a static analyis. Not» that the ANSYS Workbsnch model you used to calcalate displacemants for this systom in Homawork 1 as based on a diffarant tys of finite olomant thn yonrousing bar, so the displacemaat ross may not agree axactiy. Bt, the displacemant calclated bsro should ba close to the t calculated in Hoork 1, Problam 1, Part)

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