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Question: the shaft a carries a 16 tooth commercial helical pinion...

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The shaft a carries a 16 tooth commercial helical pinion (2 in diameter) that drives a two stage gear reducer, see Figure 1. The dimensions and details of shaft a can be found in Figure 2. Identical directly mounted tapered roller bearings with part no. 1985 cone and 1930 cup were selected to ensure a 92% overall reliability of the speed reducer. The shaft a rotates at speed of 3600 rpm and is a part of a machine that is used for 8hr a day and is fully utilized. Forces that develop on the pinion are shown in Figure 3; Note that Bearing A is responsible for carrying the thrust load (squeezed) You have been requested to perform a bearing selection assessment considering a conservative approach by doing the following: Note: (dimensions are in inches (in) and loads are in (pound force) lb 1. Determine the loads on bearings A and B. 2. Determine the reliability of Bearings A and B. 3. Determine the maximum allowable bearing housing dimensions (outer diameter and shoulders); [Spts] [15 pts] 3 pts] 12 pts) 4. If earlier assessment was performed and reliability ofbearings C, D, E and F combined was 95%, what will be the overall reliability of the bearings assembly, is it satisfactory? 71 60T 1.875 1875 1.125 i6 167 Developed view Figure 1 Figure 2 23 123 150 Figure 3 Figure 4
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