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The shaft shown in the figure is proposed as a preliminary design for the application defined in Prob. 3-72, p. 152. The effective centers of the gears for force transmission are shown. The dimensions for the bearing surfaces (indicated with cross markings) have been estimated. The shaft rotates at 1200 rev/min, and the desired bearing life is 15 kh with a 95 percent reliability in each bearing, assuming distribution data from manufacturer 2 in Table 11-6. Use an application factor of 1.2. (a) Obtain a Basic Load Rating for a ball bearing at the right end. (b) Use an online bearing catalog to find a specific bearing that satisfies the needed Basic Load Rating and the geometry requirements. If necessary, indicate appropriate adjustments to the dimensions of the bearing surface. Solution
400 mm 350 mm 225 mm 2 30-mm dia. Gear A 500-mm dia. Gear B 200 mm dia. FA = 1.5 kN- 20° Problem 3-72
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