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Question: the sodiumhydrogen antiporter nhe1 plays a critical role in acidbase...

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The sodium/hydrogen antiporter NHE1 plays a critical role in acid/base regulation and cell volume regulation. It uses the sodium gradient to extrude protons from the interior of the cell to the outside. It can be influenced by many different factors, and it is known that the protein p160ROCK can lead to phosphorylation of the NHE1 protein, which leads to activation of NHE1. The addition of the phosphate acts only to alter the 3-D dimensional shape of the NHE1 protein but does not provide power for the pump to operate. A researcher uses a pH-selective electrode to measure proton concentrations right next to the cell membrane outside the cell when extracellular sodium concentrations are varied, and examines the production of extracellular acid in the absence and in the presence of p160ROCK.

(A) Write the formula describing the expected relation between amount of acid pumped out of the cell as sodium levels are altered. Define each parameter and be sure to indicate what the units for each parameter would be in.

(B) Draw a Michaelis-Menton plot showing the expected level of activity of NHE1 in the presence and absence of p160ROCK. Be sure to label the graphs and include appropriate units on those graphs.

This is the entire question given so I'm assuming that the units would just correspond to a typical Michaelis-Menton plot. I am just confused how the equation would be written.

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