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Question: the system shown in fig q6b has a mass m...

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The system shown in Fig. Q6b has a mass m attached to a light rigid arm OA which makes small damped angular oscillations in the horizontal plane when displaced with a small angular displacement, and then released 3e 26 Mass m Damping censtantc Sorieg stiffness k Fig. Q6b Show that the differential equation of motion takes the form: 1m (4 marks) Given that the standard form is θ+2ConB+ate-0 for the parameters of the system; and taking the following values m 5 kg; c 250 Ns/m and k1 kN/m Page 7 of 8 Find (a) The undamped natural frequency in rad/s and hence its equivalent f, in Hz. (b) The damping ratio ζ (c) The damped natural frequency a in rad/s and hence (4 marks) (4marks) (3 marks) its equivalent fd in Haz.

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