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The total cost for Company X to produce a batch of tools is $10,000 plus $3 per tool. Each tool sells for $8. The gross profit earned from producing and selling these tools is the total income from sales minus the total production cost. If a batch of 20,000 tools is produced and sold, then Company Xs gross profit per tool is 5) 6) Construction on your customer home is complete and now the yard must be landscaped The landscape contractor has estimated that 8 cubic yards of dirt and 3 cubic yards of sand will be required to level the yard and provide proper drainage. Dirt is priced at $35 per cubic yard and sand is priced at $27 per cubic yard. She has measured the yard and calculated the area needing sod to be 3600 ft2. Sod is sold in rolls that measure 90 ft2 per roll at a cost of $75 per role. Shrubbery installation will cost an additional $2500. Estimate the cost of the andscaping!

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