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The trial balance of Pacilio Security Services, Inc. as of January 1, Year 4, had the following normal balances: Cash Accounts Receivable Supplies Prepaid Rent Land Unearned Revenue Salaries Payable Common Stock Retained Earnings $12,500 3,500 120 1,000 4,000 900 1,000 8,000 11,220 In Year 4, Pacilio Security Services decided to expand its business to sell security systems and offer 24-hour alarm monitoring services It plans to phase out its current service of providing security personnel at various events. The following summary transactions occurred during Year 4 1. Paid the salaries payable from Year 3 2. Acquired an additional $42,000 cash from the issue of common stock. 3. Rented a larger building on May 1; paid $6,000 for 12 months rent in advance 4. Paid $800 cash for supplies to be used over the next several months by the business. 5. Purchased alarm systems for resale at a cost of $12,000. The alarm systems were purchased on account with the terms 2/10, n/30 6. Returned alarm systems that had a cost of $240 7. Installed alarm systems during the year for a total sales amount of $20,000. Sales of $15,000 were on account, while $5,000 were cash sales 8. The cost of the systems sold in Event 7 amounted to $9,440 9. Paid the installers and other employees a total of $9,500 in salaries 0. Sold $36,000 of monitoring services for the year. The services are billed to the customers each month. 11. Paid cash on accounts payable. The payment was made before the discount period expired. At the time of purchase, the inventory has a cost of $8,000 and was purchased under the terms 2/10, n/30 12. Paid cash to settle additional accounts payable in the amount of $2,780. The payment was made after the discount period expired. 13. Collected $43,000 of accounts receivable during the year 14. Performed $12,000 of security services for area events; $9,000 was on account and $3,000 was for cash. 15. Paid advertising cost of $1,620 for the year. 16. Paid $1,100 for utilities expense for the year 17. Paid a dividend of $12,000 to the shareholders. Adjustment InformationAdjustment Information 18. Supplies of $150 were on hand at the end of the year 19. Recognized the expired rent for the year 0. Recognized the balance of the unearned revenue; cash was received in Year 3 21. Accrued salaries at December 31, Year 4, were $1,500 Genera Trial BalanceStatement Ledger Requirement ournal General Income Changes in BalanceStatement Analysis SE Sheet of CF Choose the appropriate accounts to be reported on the income statement. However, you will need to calculate and enter the amount of the net income or loss for the period. The unadjusted, adjusted, or post-closing balances will appear for each account, based on your selection Adjusted Pacilio Security Services, Inc. Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31, Year 4 Revenues lotal Revenues Expenses Total Expenses

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