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The two figures below are of a shaft that has two spur gears on it. The gears have retaining rings that prevent them from sliding off. The gears have end-mill type keyways profile type* Find: Analyze this shaft and determine the lowest factor of safety for both fatigue and yielding. Compare Points A, B, and C. Compare to problem 7-2 in text The two gears, labeled as a and b, mesh with other gears (not shown) to generate loads on the shaft. The meshed gears load the shaft in two planes: plane 1 and plane 2. In plane 1 there are two radial loads from the gears: Wwand W. In plane 2, the two tangent loads are Wwand Wa, which act in opposite directions. In order to determine the maximum moment as a result of these two planes, find the resultant moment using moment diagrams. The loads for the assignment are: w,,-190 lbf, wrb = 800 lbf, Wa-450 lbf, and wrb = 1800 lbf segment diameters 81-10 82-14 1625 4-20 96-1625 STEP FILLETS KEYWAYS, 2 PLACES BOTTOM RADIUS,-0 035 TYPICAL We RETAINING RINGS, 2 PLACES a-0068 Point:A GEAR a We D-10 08 GEARb

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