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Question: the type of experience chosen singing playing a song...

Question details
  • The type of experience chosen

Singing / playing a song


  • What/how you plan to offer this to the children

Sitting in a circle and singing to the children. You don't need to have the perfect voice, they just want to have fun. We want the children to engage and be creative and explore communication through songs. We could plan this for before before nap time for younger children, to relax them and prepare them for sleep, or we could plan this for after lunch for other children, for them to sing along, perhaps dance and have fun!


  • Best suited to age group

Any age group


  • Link to particular interest and/or developmental domain

Singing and listening to music helps with many developmental milestones - language and literacy, cognitive processes, creative expression, creating trusting relationships and creates a sense of belonging. Children who know many songs are more likely to have a confident self identity.


  • Link to EYLF learning outcome

Singing allows children to learn new words and develop their vocabulary. Children can learn communication through rhythm, rhyme and repetition of songs.  This relates to learning outcome 5 in the EYLF - Children have a strong sense of communication


  • Provide a link or post any additional resources you would need e.g. Youtube video, music, instruments, puppets etc.

You really only need your own voice! The experience is very versatile and can be as simple as you'd like or as complex as you'd like. You can sing yourself, have the kids sing, or if playing music you'd you need a playlist or CD and a device to play it through, including a speaker.

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