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The UA ID IS 3114050
Method #5: Stratified Random Sample In Happyville, it appears that households on the north side of the river have more residents than those on the south side of the river. Note that 40% of the households are located on the north side. A reasonable approach is make sure that 40% of the households sampled are on the north side, rn a sample of size 10, that means 4 households from the north side. To take a stratified random sample, we divide our populatioh into layers or strata, in this case the two sides of town. Then we take separate random samples from each side. In this case, we will take a sample of 4 from the north and a sample of 6 from the south. Below are some samples that were generated using Minitab. Your team will pick one of the North samples and one of the South samples randomly and find the overall mean. Here is the procedure: Use the first digit of your UA ID. If between 1-5, pick the corresponding North sample. If 6 pick Northl, 7North2, 8(North3, 9:North4, 0:North5. Now use the second digit of your UA ID to select a South Sample in the same fashion. Northi North2 Northa North4 Norths 12 28 38 30 38 40 23 32 7 25 36 17 20 29 Southi South2 South3 Souths Souths 53 72 76 78 50 72 74 42 67 72 93 96 90 46 60 45 04 85 98 60 68 90 92 90 95 90 Locatiorn H-hold number No, of residents Sample mean Method #6: Cluster Sample The homes in Happyville are organized into ten blocks of five households each. These are lobeled A through T on the map. Pick any two letters f license plate (if between A & T). Then go to each of those blocks on the map of Happyville and use every household in those blocks for your sample. rom A-T at random, such as the first two letters of your drivers license or Block letter H-hold number No. of residents Sample mean

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