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Question: the value chain of a firm shows both primary and...

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The value chain of a firm shows both primary and support activities. Which of the following do you consider a support activity?

Sales and Marketing
Human Resources
Inbound Logistics

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When using information technologies to collect data for the purpose of monitoring workers, a manager should do all of the following EXCEPT:

Consider the privacy rights of individuals.
Inform employees when and what is being monitored.
Ensure monitoring is meaningful to the organization's mission.
Require workers to complete additional tasks.
Capture qualitative inputs in addition to quantitative data.

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Question 31 pts

When a company is planning a major change in business strategy, it should reassess the ________.

value based strategy
big data strategy
competitive strategy
process strategy
IS strategy

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Question 41 pts

Which collaboration technology is becoming more and more popular within organizations because it provides a means for forming ad hoc groups, networking and locating potential business allies?

Unified communications
Social networking sites

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Question 51 pts

When a company plans to be agile in a dynamic environment, it will use business intelligence to predict new opportunities and ______.

Balance resources
Manage outsourcing
React to supplier demands
Sense and respond quickly

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Question 61 pts

An IS executive of a firm dealing with health care which is a highly regulated industry would need to primarily consider which of the following risks?

Awakening a sleeping giant
Running afoul of the law
Failing to deliver what users want
Implementing IS poorly
Mobile based alternative removes advantages

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Question 71 pts

All of the following help to develop informal networks that play an important role in an organization EXCEPT for:

Virtual communities
Job rotation
Company softball team
Attendance at a conference
Performance reviews

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Question 81 pts

IBM has implemented a social network analysis tool that maps the _________ and the connections of IBM employees, supporting innovation by allowing employees to find others in the company with particular skills, interests or expertise.

job descriptions

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Question 91 pts

A networked organizational structure feels both like a_______ and a_______ organizational structure because it supports a rigid structure with well-connected communication networks.

matrix, flat
matrix, traditional
flat, networked
hierarchical, hybrid
flat, hierarchical

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Question 101 pts

In which type of organizational design do middle managers do the primary information processing and communication function, telling subordinates what to do and then reporting the outcome to senior management?

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