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There are 20 children aged between five and twelve years in Tom and Ushi’s after school program. Both staff start work at 3pm so they can prepare for the afternoon activities, but you’ve never noticed they do this. Instead, they seem to spend this time socially chatting with each other and other staff in the service.  

The school bus drops the children off at the service at 3.15pm, and Tom and Ushi insist children to do their homework before they play or begin other activities. Most of the children can complete their homework independently, except for Jessica and Bob who have additional needs. Typically Tom will work with Jessica, and Ushi works with Bob, offering any additional support to other children as need. 

When children are finished their homework, they can begin playing indoors. As more and more children finish their homework and begin playing, the noise level in the room rises and this results in both Tom and Ushi reminding children

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constantly to be quieter while other children finish their homework. All children generally have their homework finished by 4pm, but Jessica or Bob get so distracted with the noise, they find it harder to complete their homework.

Afternoon tea is served at 4.30pm. This seems to be the earliest that Tom and Ushi can be ready even though there often are complaints by families about how late they eat and as a result, children don’t eat their dinner. Tom and Ushi have dismissed this complaints thinking there is no way they can organise morning tea earlier. 

To serve afternoon tea, Ushi pushes two long tables together so that all the children can sit around the same long table. The children help themselves to the sandwiches and drinks while Ushi takes the opportunity to write up program notes and Tom gets the next activities prepared. Once again, the children are left independently to eat, and when the noise begins to rise, then Tom or Ushi intervene to remind them to quieten. Tom comments to Ushi, “some days all I feel like I do is tell them to be quiet!’

The children have usually finished eating by 5pm and have another half an hour until they must start packing away. Generally they head outside at this time, but it does depend on the weather and season. In winter, it is often getting dark by the time they manage to finish homework and afternoon tea. Most children are collected between 5 and 5.30pm with the last child leaving at 6pm. The only exceptions are Monica and Josh whose parents work at the local school and usually pick them up about 4.20pm.





Your role is to contribute to and promote effective work practices with staff using either case study 1 or case study 2. Answer the following questions:

1.              What issues have you identified that are not allowing the service to meet the philosophy statement? List as many issues as possible and include legal and ethical frameworks

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