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Question: there is a moth in england called the peppered moth...

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There is a moth in England called the peppered moth. Before Britain’s industrial revolution, these moths were usually “salt and pepper” colored. Because of their coloring, they blended in well with the tree trunks on which they tend to rest. The coloring helped them hide from the birds that ate them. During the British industrial revolution, industry expelled a lot of soot from the burning of coal into the environment. This soot darkened the tree trunks and it was noted that black colored moths were becoming predominant. The idea is that with soot in the environment, black colored moths fair better than light colored moths. There is some debate as to whether this is actually the case or not, but for the sake of this question, let’s assume it is.

the four observations. In your own words, explain how the concepts from the four observations discussed in relate to the evolution of the peppered moth described above.

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