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5 Nanoparticles of Si in various sizes are routinely fabricated in research. Suppose a Si nanoparticle (usually a sphere) has a radius of 50nm, determine how many Si atoms are there How many Si atoms are there if the radius is 5nm? 6. A Si wire of diameter 24m and length 200 micrometers has a resistance of 1000 ohms. Determine the resistivity of that Si in terms of ohm-cm. Suppose you make the same wire using copper, what should be its resistance? 7. InSb and diamond are semiconductors with band gaps of 0.17eV and 5.5eV respectively Which will be more conducting at room temperature? Why? 8. Electric field as a function of position is plotted below. What is the potential difference between point A and point B? Point A and point C? E-field [V/cm] 2000 V/cm Α 150uml

There is no other data given.

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